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  Competency You want the peace of mind that your formation is being handled
professionally and in compliance with state LLC requirements.
  Fast Formation You want your LLC formation processed fast without
unnecessary delays. 
  Reasonable Price And, you want it done at a fair price. 



5 Minutes of Your Time, We Handle the Rest
Stress and Hassle Free

Spend just 5 minutes completing a simple online questionnaire. After that, our Georgia LLC expert staff handles
the entire process with Georgia.

Fastest Turnaround Times in the Market
3-5 Day Formation for One Low Price

With our current special offer, your LLC paperwork is prepared and filed within 1 business day as an expedited filing. The State of Georgia then takes between 2-4 days to process it. We do not charge exorbitant expedite service fees like other companies- you get your filing submitted within 1 business day without having to pay the extra $200-600 charged by others. 


Ensure Your LLC is Formed Properly
Peace of Mind

You want peace of mind knowing that this important step in your new business is properly completed. Our entire formation process was created by LLC experienced lawyers. The LLC Expert trains a team for each state and ensures that they keep up to date on Georgia formation rules and requirements. We offer a Compliance Guarantee which means your formation is guaranteed to be in compliance with Georgia state LLC requirements. We work with Georgia on a daily basis ensuring our LLC filings are being processed quickly and properly.

LLC Education
Maintaining LLC Protection

While online LLC formation customers understand that they are not getting a lawyer service, they still want some guidance and information on what they need to do after formation with their limited liability company entities. Here is where we rise above the other services because, as a Bonus - we offer an excellent and practical, attorney written eBook about the six important principles and steps to follow post formation to ensure you preserve the LLC protection afforded by your new legal entity.


Form a Georgia LLC
in 3 - 5  Days

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"Thanks for the prompt and professional service. With your help, I was able to get up and running fast and with the right knowledge. This is all new to me and your help and service has been invaluable" 
- Alice S


"I now know exactly what I need to do to keep my LLC in legal compliance. Thanks for your professional service!"
 - Elaine P.


"I am a serial entrepreneur and it was a nightmare using another service the last time.  My LLC took almost two months to be formed and no one knew how to help me.  I was looking for an attorney service when
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The Georgia LLC Formation and Liability Protection Package


Guarantee Gold

(+state fees)

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(+state fees)

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Unlimited Name Availability Searches

We work with you to find a suitable and acceptable Ga LLC name

Professional Preparation of Documents to Form a Georgia LLC

Double Review Process by our LLC expert trained staff- guaranteed compliance with Georgia State LLC formation requirements

Electronic Copies of Official Formation Documents

emailed to you within 1 business day after we receive them from the State

Free First Class Shipping in the US

Documents promptly mailed to you (Additional charges apply to International shipments)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our services for any reason, get a full refund of our service fee (details).

Limited Time Attorney Written Bonuses

Education is the key to a successful LLC business (See Below)

Rapid EIN# Obtainment

Get your EIN# within 1 business day after formation

$59 add-on

Georgia State Specific Form LLC Operating Agreement Package

(Includes LLC Operating Agreement Guide)

$34 add-on

LLC Record Book

customized with LLC Name, Official Embossed Seal, LLC Membership Ledger and additional 15 Membership Certificates customized with LLC Name

$75 add-on
(+ 10 shipping)

5 LLC Membership Certificates

Customized with LLC Name

$ 20 add-on

Expedited Service

Georgia Filing Submitted in 1 Day; LLC Formed in 3-5 Business Days

$100 add-on


$100 add-on






($97 + State Fees)


($287 + State Fees)


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Registered Agent Services Available:

Annual Registered Agent Services (over $65 off first year, Regularly $167/year): $99


Tax Election Form Preparation:

for LLC to be Taxed as a Corporation or S Corporation: $35 add-on
(An LLC is taxed as a pass through by default and no filing is necessary for pass through taxation; this election is only if you have decided you want corporation taxation to apply to your LLC)


Gain Valuable Time and Reduce Stress

Let Us Form Your Georgia Limited Liability Company


The limited liability company (LLC) is now the entity of choice for small business in Georgia
and the United States.  Why?  Because the Georgia LLC provides small business owners with:


  • Liability Protection for its Owners
  • LLC Tax Choices (pass-through or corporate)
  • Operational Flexibility (operate your business the way you want)
  • No Ownership Restrictions
  • Lesser Formalities than corporations
  • Professional and Official Image (which is great for getting new customers!)

In order to gain the advantages and protections of a Georgia limited liability company, you must ensure the Georgia LLC is correctly created and then properly maintained.  And Georgia has its own rules governing the proper requirements for proper Georgia LLC formation. 

Starting a business is overwhelming and there is a lot to learn.  Our service allows Georgia business owners to devote more time to working on their business and less time learning about the filing and other requirements for forming a Georgia limited liability company.  

NO need to worry about the details. . . let Georgia Business Formation handle the entire process required to form your LLC in Georgia.  We are experts in limited liability company formations so you can have peace of mind that your Georgia LLC formation will get done properly and quickly!


No Confusion or Need to Spend Time Learning the Rules
Your Georgia LLC Formed in 3-5 Business Days

Gold Package $97
(+  state fees)

Platinum Package $287
(+ state fees)




Written by LLC Lawyer and Available by Instant Download


Before forming your Georgia LLC, Educate
Yourself with Essential LLC Information



What name are you thinking about for a Georgia limited liability company?

We can find out if your chosen name for a Ga LLC can be used in Georgia. Submit a name search when you get our Free Georgia LLC Guide


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Most new small business owners have the same concerns.  You know you need a Georgia LLC for your business but you do not know exactly what is required to properly form an LLC in Georgia and to ensure that you receive the benefits.    


If you would like to save time and reduce the stress and uncertainty about this very important first step for your business, then you need a reliable service offered by people who know the Georgia LLC and the Georgia limited liability company requirements for a small business to form an LLC in Georgia.   We specialize in LLC formations and our staff is well trained in all of the intricacies and requirements of the laws and requirements for forming a Georgia LLC!


Don't Be Left in the Dark After Formation


A common complaint of the new Georgia LLC owner is that once a Georgia LLC is formed, he or she does not know what they need to do to maintain the Georgia limited liability company.  Unlike other online formation services, we do not leave LLC owners in the dark.


With every Georgia LLC formation purchase from us, we provide additional material to educate the new Georgia LLC business owner with important general information about what is needed after a Georgia LLC is formed in order to properly maintain the limited liability company.



Georgia LLC Formation + Bonuses!


Listed below are summaries of additional bonus information that comes with our Georgia LLC Formation packages:

Professional Georgia LLC Formation Services.  Preparation and Filing of all Documents required to form an LLC in Georgia customized for your business and guaranteed to be in compliance with Georgia limited liability company formation requirements.


"The Six Step LLC Formula For Limited Liability Protection" eBook written by an experienced LLC lawyer.  Learn about the major pitfalls of improper Georgia LLC activity and what you can do to avoid them (Regularly $39).  More Details


 The "Georgia LLC Laws Made Simple" Outline.   Legal laws are quite technical and not fun to read by anyone buy lawyers.  We offer a simple, topic based outline summarizing the major Georgia LLC provisions  under the Georgia Limited Liability Company Act. . (Regularly $29).  See Topics Covered

"The Lawsuit Protection eCourse"  Lawsuits are one of the top three concerns of small business owners.  Protect yourself and take our eCourse.  You will get top 10 tips and lessons about how to minimize your risk of lawsuits (a $49 value).

Learn the one or two magic words you must include in every signed business document and why adding these words when you do business transactions can mean the different between full protection and complete personal liability
One LLC requirement . . . hidden in most state LLC statutes that if violated cause personal liability to members (sometimes in excess of $5,000 a member) even if the member did not know about it .
How one simple arrangement you can set up with your LLC will significantly reduce your personal liability risk for any business problem that may come up
The 3 step test that if followed by an LLC officer or manager when making a business decision will bulletproof him from being held personally liable for any problems related to that decision
The one simple legal provision you must have in all your contracts that will virtually ensure you will never be sued by the other party to the contract.
A trick learned from a top asset protection lawyer in California that you can use to ensure you get paid back what you put into your business (even before creditors and other parties)
The one question you should ask yourself every time you are about to do something involving the LLC and a member that will save you from a judge holding you personally liable for business obligations.
6 exceptions to the LLC limited liability protection that most LLC owners do not know about but once you find out you can avoid them



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